PTFE Coated Stud Bolts, Teflon Coated Stud Bolts, FluoroPolymer Coated Stud Bolts

ASTM A193 / A320 B7, L7, B7M, L7M, A453 Gr 660 Cl A/B/C/D, Zeron 100 FG

Over seventy years ago a DuPont scientist, discovered polytetrafluoroethylene. (PTFE) a fluoropolymer that is corrosive chemical and heat resistance, and the worlds most slippery surface. PTFE Coated Coated Stud Bolts have a Low Coefficient of Friction. The coefficient of friction of PTFE is generally in the range of 0.05 to 0.20, depending on the load, sliding speed, and particular PTFE coating used.
PTFE Coated Coated Stud Bolts are Nonwetting since surfaces coated with PTFE are both oleophobic and hydrophobic, they are not readily wetted. Cleanup is easier and more in many cases, surfaces are self-cleaning.
PTFE Coated Coated Stud Bolts are Heat Resistance. PTFE industrial coatings can operate continuously at temperatures up to 260°C/500°F.
PTFE Coated Bolts have Cryogenic Stability.Many PTFE industrial coatings withstand severe temperature extremes without loss of physical properties. PTFE industrial coatings may used at temperatures as low as -270°C/-454°F.
PTFE Coated Coated Stud Bolts are Chemical Resistance. PTFE is normally unaffected by chemical environments. The only chemicals known to affect all PTFE industrial coatings are molten alkali metals and highly reactive fluorinating agents.

PTFE Coated Fastener Types

PTFE Coated Bolts PTFE Coated U Bolts PTFE Coated Stud Bolts PTFE Coated Screws PTFE Coated Nuts PTFE Coated Washers

PTFE coating properties

  • Low friction ( as low as 0.055)
  • Remarkable adhesion
  • Unusual resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to chipping
  • Resistance to the elements: weather, sunlight, salt water
  • Working temperature range from: -190 to + 260° C
  • Available in a wide range of colors

PTFE Coating Benefits

  • Non-Sticky
  • Non Wetting
  • Temperature Resistant over 260-290 Deg C
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Insulating surface resistivity
  • high dielectric strength
  • low dissipation factor
  • Anti Galling

Types Of Ptfe Coating

A wide variety of protective coating types are available to match the performance requirements of a specific application.
Fluoropolymer - Resin/lubricant blends that offer excellent corrosion protection
PTFE - The original non-stick coating, able to withstand high temperatures
FEP - PTFE characteristics with better abrasion resistance
PVDF - high quality coating ideal for chemical processing applications
ECTFE/Halar®️ - resistant to most chemicals plus high impact strength

About PTFE Coatings

PTFE is a combination of low-friction fluoropolymer compounds in a matrix of strong, stabile organic polymers. This fluoropolymer coating exhibits excellent surface wear characteristics along with the resistance to friction, heat, cold, corrosion and chemicals.
Fluoropolymer coatings are superior dry / solid film lubricants that produce a smooth, hard and slick finish. These coatings are applied using a one coat system that fuses the coating to the substrate for remarkable adhesion. In addition to very low coefficients of friction, fluoropolymers offer exceptional resistance to heat, cold, corrosion and chemical infiltration.