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At TorqBolt we provide special services for our top-notch clients. As the Name Suggests

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Of Various Bolting components

At TorqBolt we provide complete supply chain management solution for all types of fasteners & bolting’s. Our Delivery performance is guaranted by means of fully integrated ERP system which is closely monitored by a decade old expert team. We are equipped with a highly flexible Packing, Storage & Inventory management system which enables us to deliver the best solutions for the products manufactured at our Plant.

Technical Know-How & Experience

TorqBolt has a team of skilled personnel with a 35-year experience in the forging industry at the apex. All our technocrats are at your disposal with a very suitable just in time service. We have the capability to offer the best combinations of Material, coating, heat treatment and the type of product suiting your requirement at your prices compared to reputed manufacturers worldwide.


Managed teamwork consisting of individuals, heads, proportionate tooling & equipment’s, with passion & optimum skills.
Other factors include Quality, Competitiveness, Service and flexibility to produce the best solution for all fastener related issues.
We have a decade old experience in the following services


TorqBolt have specialised KanBan Systems that are put in place for monitoring and maintenance of the stock program. This is done on site at your property and enables you to maintain an orderly and efficient flow of materials. You will never find yourself without product unexpectedly.
TorqBolt provides all racking instruments & tools , containers and services for the initial set up of the system.
TorqBolt provides the materials handling system free of cost, based on a purchasing program being put in place.
TorqaBolt then maintains a full product management system Including ongoing reviews of the products and the management system.

Consignment Stock

TorqBolt Consignment Stock program is a product management tool, where we set up supplies of materials at your specified facility, such as a warehouse, and you are charged for the stock as you use it.
You can move the goods from storage to production at any time, taking the financial stress and time out of ordering quantities that may or may not be used. TorqBolt is responsible for product management and will ensure there is always an appropriate amount of stock on site.

Customer Packaging

TorqBolt offer a pre-packaging solution to save you money, time, labour and space. With our custom packaging, your items will be delivered to suit your business requirements. Avoid having to order goods in quantities that you don’t need. This service allows for any quantity and combination of parts to be pre-packaged prior to delivery.
We can also insert instruction sheets into your packages if required. We also offer customised labelling to meet your product and company specifications - saving you time and effort on the small things. TorqBolt can label your pre-packaged boxes with the project name, quantity, part number, barcode, and product name.

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