Takecoat Coated Fasteners

Stud Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Threaded Rod & Washers

TAKECOAT® - 1000 the forerunner of the products, is a special fluorocarbon polymer applied uniformly on the metal surface by special surface treatment method. An outstanding anti-corrosive and rustproof period of 6000 hours of salt spray test is recorded. It is a special fluorocarbon polymer applied uniformly on the metel surface by special surface treatment method. An outstanding anti-corrosive and rustproof period of good hours of sault spray test is recorded with excellent effects in durability and insulation. TAKECOAT® - 1000 is an astounding surface treatment with approximately 6-times the durability of hot-dip galvanizing as shown in salt spray testing to evaluate rust resistance. TAKECOAT® - 1000 protects metal products from rust and extends their life in various corrosive environments. TAKECOAT® - 1000 has a two-layer structure of special fluorocarbon polymer film and special under-treatment layer. Combined with a special treatment technology, the film is thin but is excellent in corrosion resistance and durability. The surface has a high lubricity.So, TAKECOAT® - 1000 has the most suitable coating propaties for fasteners. This product has been used in structures and environment requiring corrosion resistance for a long period, including fastening bolts and metal parts for bridges, underground segments, buried pipes, marine structures, petroleum plants etc.

  • TAKECOAT ® - CERAMIC1 featuring heat resistance up to 450°C
  • TAKECOAT ® - ANTISEIZURE intended to prevent seizure
  • ELE CUT assuring insulation in high voltage environments

Features of TAKECOAT® - 1000

Resistance to rust and corrosion

TAKECOAT® - 1000 showed astounding anti-rust performance of 6,000 hours (hot-dip galvanizing was approx. 1,000 hours) in salt spray testing measuring anti-rust and anticorrosion performance. The superiority of that performance has also been affirmed from numerous outdoor exposure tests and usage results, on and under the sea, etc. Third-party organizations (Japan Quality Assurance Organization, US firm KTA Inc., etc.) have verified its superior performance in indoor accelerated corrosion tests.


Owing to high lubricity and hardness of fluorocarbon polymer film, the film is hardly damaged even when a high load or shearing force of a few 10 tons is applied on the film surface. Forming of rust from damage portion is very rare. (Particularly effective for fastening of bolts) Stainless steel bolts are used with the aim of preventing seizing.

Heat resistance

Fluorocarbon polymer features excellent heat resistance and refrigerant resistance.

  • Temperature of continuous use: -196°C to +200°C
  • Temperature of intermittent use: -196·C to +230·C


The film of fluorocarbon polymer is very thin and rigid, and is almost free from pin hole. Hence, it is effective to prevent (crevice corrosion),(galvanic corrosion),(pitting corrosion), etc. When steel bolts treated with TAKECOAT® - 1000 are used to fasten stainless steel flanges, use plain washers treated with TAKECOAT® - 1000 without fail.* For insulation in high voltage atmosphere, ELE CUT is recommended.

Stable fastening of bolts

In spite of fluorocarbon resin coating, it is excellent in luricity, low in torque and unidorm making fastening of bolts is easier.

Treating process

By the manufacturing method of Takenaka’s original treatment technology, a thin and uniform film is formed. There is no danger of hydrogen embrittlement because there is no pickling process.

Coating availability of TAKECOAT® - 1000

Coatable materials

General metal products (ex. Carbon steel, Nickel, chromium, molybdenum-containing alloy steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, aluminium alloy)(Please note that our coating processes subject materials to heating of approximately 200℃, so, we cannot provide services for materials whose physical properties change in that temperature range.


  • Nominal diameter : 10mm or more
  • Standard maximum dimensions : W500 × L600 × H100
  • Standard maximum weight : 30kg size other than the above size, please cotact to us.
Products other than screws can be coated. We accept orders for coating parts and materials supplied by customers. Please contact us for details.

Various application of TAKECOAT® - 1000

Applicable parts

Automotive parts, building material, aircraft parts, underground segment, buried pipes, bridge, architecture, petrochemical plant, desalination plant, marine and ocean structures, city water and sewerage works, other parts requiring corrosion resistance and lubricity. Customers:Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC),Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA),Saudi Aramco,SWCC,TAKREER,GASCO

Metal durability in sea

Stainless steel corrodes in sea. Even in the such severe marine corrosive environments, TAKECOAT® - 1000 protects metal from corrosion. After 2 years of marine exposure test (Pacific Ocean coast, immersed in seawater) Click here for enlargement

TAKECOAT 1000 Coated Fasteners Substrate Preparation

The substrate shall be thoroughly cleaned to all traces of hydrocarbon deposits using a bake-out oven at 380-400 °C (715-750°F) for a minimum of 3 hours. If cleaning by Bake-out Oven is not used the minimum requirements for cleaning and degreasing shall be by hot alkali degreaser followed by rinsing with fresh (potable) water and force drying with clean, dry air prior to Abrasive Blast Cleaning or surface cleaning by Abrasive Tumbling.
After burnout cleaning or degreasing, all fasteners shall be tumbled or dry blasted with a suitable media to ensure a clean, scale-free, chemically active surface. The surface shall be Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaned to ISO 8501-1 (SIS SS 05 59 00) Sa 3.0 White Metal Condition. Mean roughness G: When viewed without magnification, the surface shall be free from oil, grease and dirt spots, as also of mill scale, rust, paint coatings and foreign matter. The surface should have a uniform metallic colour.
Acid pickling and cleaning by Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Solvents is not permissible as a cleaning method.
TAKECOAT 1000 Coated Fasteners Painting system shall be used for operating temperature Ambient to 200°C (392°F).

TAKECOAT 1000 Coated Fasteners Thickness

The minimum recommended dry film thickness are:
For Primer one coat dry film thickness of 2 to 5μm.
For Finish coat dry film thickness of 30 to 40μm.
The total DFT shall be between 32 and 45 microns. (In the event that this range is more tightly limited by fit tolerance requirements, Company shall agree upon the acceptable range in writing prior to coating the fasteners).

TAKECOAT 1000 Non Destructive Tests

Five Fastener assemblies, shall be tested and evaluated in accordance with Adhesion Tests. Five of the assemblies shall be tested and evaluated in accordance with ASTM B117 for Salt Spray Resistance. Five of the assemblies shall be tested and evaluated for saltwater immersion resistance.
Fifteen randomly selected, coated fastener assemblies (two nuts, one washer, and one bolt per assembly) shall be tested in accordance with the following:


Coated fasteners, including nuts, shall be a running fit. After coating, the dimensional characteristics of the bolt and nut must still be within the limits in the threads governing specification. The finished fasteners shall allow installation of the nut without undue force or resultant damage to the coating. In cases where TorqBolt is providing fasteners, prior to any work preceding we at TorqBolt shall measure thread tolerance to judge whether or not the thread tolerance is sufficient for coating.


Coated fasteners, including the interior surfaces of nuts, shall be visually inspected for pinholes, runs, sags, blisters, foreign particles, or any other defects that could impair service performance. Any fasteners found to be defective shall be rejected.


Dry film coating thickness on flat surfaces shall be determined using a properly calibrated (in accordance with SSPC PA2) eddy current type coating thickness gauge such as “Elcometer” brand or approved equivalent. Readings must be taken at the start of the coating process and every hour during the coating process


In the case of any fastener being found to be under cured, all fasteners in that batch shall be re-cured according to the recommended appropriate cure schedule and retested for cure. Where coating other than the specified materials are proposed, TorqBolt shall supply the coating manufacturers product data and their alternative cure test to user, whose written approval shall be issued before TorqBolt can supply and test coated fasteners for cure with alternative materials.
The test assemblies shall come from at least two process batches. Destructive Testing