Xylan Zinc Rich Coated Fasteners

Stud Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Threaded Rod & Washers

Xylan Zinc Rich coated Fasteners like Stud Bolts, Screws Nuts, washers & bolts are commonly used in the Automotive, Construction and Wind Power industries where corrosion resistance is of paramount importance.
With the corrosion resistant Zinc Rich coating, Xylan®️ system advantages can be gained with technical advantages compared to galvanic plating, as well as a one stop shopping service provided by WHITFORD.

Features of Xylan Zinc Rich Coatings

  • The basecoat is a premium inorganic coating containing zinc or zinc-alumium flakes.
  • These coatings have excellent corrosion resistance (<1,000 hours SST at 8-12 microns).
  • They have an attractive silver appearance.
  • The application processes eliminate any problems of hydrogen embrittlement.
  • The cost of application is very competitive.
  • They are more environmentally friendly because they are free of harmful heavy metals such as Cr-(VI), cadmium, cobalt, lead and nickel.
  • With a Xylan topcoat, they offer a consistent good coefficient of friction (µtot of 0.08-0.20).
  • Xylan series topcoats can also be combined with zinc-rich coatings to provide even better corrosion resistance and barrier protection.

Xylan Zinc Rich Application Method & Parameters

Xylan zinc-rich coatings may be applied using conventional spray or the dip/spin system, a cost-effective bulk method. Important parameters:

  • Application viscosity: 15-30s (depending on application method)
  • Cure temperature: 240-270˚C
  • Cure time: 15-30 minutes
  • Recommended cure: 30 min at 250˚C part-metal temperature.

Xylan Zinc Rich Corrosion Resistance Performance

Xylan zinc-rich basecoat
8-12 microns
Xylan functional topcoat
0 microns
Corrosion resistance*
≥ 1000 hours
13-15 microns 0 microns ≥ 1500 hours
8-12 microns 15-25 microns ≥ 4000 hours
  • *According to Salt-Spray Test (ASTM B117).
  • Note: Layer thickness may vary depending on substrate type and application method

Xylan Zinc Rich Coated Fasteners