Silver Plated Fasteners

Stud Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Threaded Rod & Washers

Silver Coated or Plated Fasteners are the best choice for exhaust systems or heat exchangers.
Silver Coated Fasteners can be used in applications that are subjected to wear, chemicals, high temperatures, or need a high level of conductivity. Silver Plated Fasteners give great performance and longevity of use.

Advantages of Silver plated Fasteners

  • Outstanding corrosion resistance to a broad range of chemicals
  • Exceptional anti-galling and anti-fretting due to its low co-efficient of friction and higher lubricity
  • Enhanced electrical properties Outstanding conductivity
  • Excellent solder-ability.
  • Anti-degrading properties with effectiveness at high temperatures.
  • Oxidation resistant at high temperatures

Silver Plated Fastener Standards

  • QQ-S-365
  • AMS-2410
  • Ed AMS-2411
  • ASTM-B700