Polyolefin Coated U-Bolts & Fasteners

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Polyolefin Coated U-Bolts can easily avoid corrosion between the pipe and U-bolt with high shell life. Polyolefin protection jacket is shrunk over the U-bolt which provides a barrier to avoid metal to metal contact with high compressive strength and is extreme resistant against abrasion. Polyolefin can be used in harsh environments while it is UV resistant and works from -55°C up to +125°C. Polyolefin Coated U Bolts are most frequently used in piping found in refineries, compressor stations, pumping stations, and chemical plants as it provides high protection against corrosion and mechanical damage. They are particularly useful as non-load bearing guides on bridge mains.

Polyolefin Coated U Bolts, Armorcote Coated Fasteners & U Bolts
Armorcote Polyolefin Coated U Bolts & Fasteners

Armorcote Brand Polyolefin

The ArmorCote™ u-bolt coating has evolved from decades of proven technology. The cross-linked polyolefin material provides a coating with extremely high compressive strength and tremendous abrasion resistance. ArmorCote™ has a low coefficient of friction that allows for pipe movement without damage to the pipe coating. ArmorCote™ is a unique thermoplastic that is UV stabilized to maintain the integrity of the product even under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Unlike minimum millage dipped coatings or hand wrapped rubber applications, ArmorCote™ resists tearing and will not unravel over time.

Polyolefin Coated U-Bolts Properties

Tensile Strength 1500 PSI Min. ASTM D412 Water Absorbtion 0.20% ASTM D570
Elongation 300% Min. ASTM D412
Heat Aging (168 Hrs./121º C) - - Corrosive Effect (16 Hrs./175) Pass ASTM D2671 Copper Rod
Tensile Strength Elongation 150 PSI Min. ASTM D2671 Fluid Resistance (24 Hrs./25) - -
300% Min. ASTM D2671
Heat Shock No Cracks, Flow, or Blisters ASTM D2671 Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606C) Tensile Elongation 90% Retained Min. ASTM D412
90% Retained Min. ASTM D412
Low Temp. Flexibility (4 Hrs./55º C) No Cracking ASTM D2671 Lubrication Oil (MIL-L-7808G) Tensile Elongation 90% Retained Min. ASTM D412
- - - 90% Retained Min. ASTM D412
Specific Gravity Tempurature Limitation 0.96 200º F ASTM D792 Diesel Fuel (MIL-L-23699) Tensile Elongation 90% Retained Min. ASTM D412
- - - 90% Retained Min. ASTM D412

Polyolefin Coated U-Bolt Application Areas

  • It is excellent for eliminating corrosion problems on piping in refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, offshore platforms, rigs and the shipping industry.
  • Its is Virtually unaffected by heat, ultra-violet rays, vibration, electrolysis, sandblasting and any other rigorous work specific to industrial and marine environments.
  • Polyolefin Coated U-Bolts are excellent for use on plastic, FRP or glass-lined pipe for shock absorption.
  • Polyolefin Coated U-Bolt helps reduce vibration and noise levels on fixtures and assemblies.

Armorcote Polyolefin Coated U-Bolt Pipe Support Pads

  • Stock items include hot dipped galvanized, Grinnell 137 long tangent u-bolts, each supplied with 4-heavy hex nuts and a neoprene die cut wear pad.
  • Stainless steel, electro-plated glavanized, Teflon or Xylan coated are also available.
  • ArmorCote™ can also be applied to customer supplied u- bolts or specialty fasteners