Norsok M-650 Qualified Bolting, Fasteners & Stud Bolts

NORSOK M650 qualified Bolting is manufactured accordance with Material data sheets (MOS) and element data sheets for piping” NORSOK M630 edition 06, October 2013. This NORSOK standard includes material requirement in a collection of MDS’ for use in piping systems. The MDS’ can also be applied for components other than piping, e.g. pressure vessels, pumps, strainer, etc.
This NORSOK standard establishes a set of qualification requirements to verify that the manufacturer has sufficient competence and experience of the relevant material grades, and necessary facilities and equipment to manufacture these in the required shapes and sizes with acceptable properties. This standard is applicable to the following material grades and :

This NORSOK standard is also applicable to critical components or product forms in other materials and for special manufacturing/fabrication processes, e.g. titanium and nickel alloys in other product forms than casting, carbon steel and low alloy steel products and induction/cold bending.