Inconel Springs

Inconel Springs

TorqBolt is the largest stockist of Inconel Springs. Nickel alloy springs with a base of austenitic chromium and nickel also known by the trade name Nickel-Chromium Alloys. More preferred over Monel Springs and Stainless Steel Springs since It has high corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis with high mechanical properties and ductility subjected to high pressure and heats both. Inconel Springs are difficult to machine and hot roll threading is done to ensure 100% thread strength. It forms a passivation oxide layer once heated and hence used at wide range of elevated temperatures unlike Copper Nickel Springs and Silicon Bronze Springs.
Applications: Inconel Springs are used for high-pressure vessels, heat exchangers, nuclear reactors etc.

Inconel Spring Grades

Inconel 600 Springs Inconel 718 Springs Inconel X-750 Springs MP35N Springs Rene 41 Springs

Inconel Spring Types

Inconel Extension Springs Inconel Wires Inconel Torsion Springs Inconel Compression Springs