Spectacle Blinds

Spectacle Blinds are cut from a plate or forged in shape of a spectacle where one part is blank and other part is a ring joined with a holed strip in between. Spectacle Blind Flanges are used to isolate a section of line or piece of equipment when the line or equipment needs to be inspected or removed from service. It is different than a valve in that the blind is a permanent or long-term isolation device. Ring Spacers, Vapor Blind, test Blank is some of the commercial names used for spectacle blinds.

Type: Forgings are manufactured in Open Die & Close Die Configurations.
Manufacturing Process Adopted are Cold Forged, Hot Forged & Press Formed. Forgings without Machining, Forged Blanks can be manufactured on request along with CNC machined Process.

Size Range: Metric Size Range from 3mm upto 3000mm.
Imperial size Range from 1/4" upto 118".