Nitronic Forgings

Nitronic is a chrome manganese nickel based alloy bearing properties of High nickel alloys. It has better chloride pitting resistance as compared to stainless steel grades. Nitronic mostly known for galling, wearing and resistance at high temperatures. Nitronic has double yield strength as compared to stainless steel 316/304 with low magnetic permeability. This alloy can also exhibits excellent impact results at low temperature and exhibits high strength at elevated temperatures and sub zero temperatures as well. TorqBolt is a reputed manufacturer of Nitronic Forgings.

Nitronic Forgings Related Products

Nitronic 30 Nitronic 32 Nitronic 40 Nitronic 50 Nitronic 60 ( xm-19)


Forgings are manufactured in Open Die & Close Die Configurations.
Manufacturing Process Adopted are Cold Forged, Hot Forged & Press Formed. Forgings without Machining, Forged Blanks can be manufactured on request along with CNC machined Process.

Size Range

Metric Size Range : 3mm upto 3000mm.
Imperial size Range : 1/4″ upto 118″.

Threading Specification

Coarse Threads (6g / 6h Tolerance), Fine Threads (4g / 4h Tolerance) and Extra Fine Threads in Metric Series in accordance with ISO 724 .
Unified Coarse, Unified Fine, 8 UN Threads in accordance with ANSI / ASME B1.1 2A / 2B Edition 2012.