Nickel Alloy Washers

TorqBolt is the largest stockholder of Nickel Washers. Nickel 200/201, commercially unadulterated (99.6%) fashioned Nickel with best of the mechanical properties and resistance to a range of corrosive media. It has Good thermal, electrical and magnetostrictive properties. Used for variety of processing equipment. Especially to retain product purity in handling foods, Synthetic fibers and alkalis.

Type :Manufacturing Process Adopted for manufacturing of washers are Cold Formed, Hot Formed & Bar Stock Machined. Washers without Inner Diameters, Forged Blanks can be manufactured on request along with CNC machined Process.
General Types: Plain Washers, Flat Washers, Spring Washers, Lock Washers

Size Range :Metric Size Range from M1.0 upto M150.
Imperial size Range from #0000 upto #12 and 1/4" upto 6".

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