Military Bolting & Fasteners

TorqBolt is constantly manufacturing and supplying specialized fasteners, which are used in the Military / Defense Sectors where reliability and traceability are of the highest importance. Specialized Fasteners according to military standards are generally known as military Bolting. Military is the finest area for application of super confidential security purpose fasteners. TorqBolt is engaged in manufacturing fasteners as per DFAR compliance MS, AN & NAS Specifications

Military Spec Fasteners

Military Bolting Materials

Military Bolting Products

MS and AN Fasteners

In addition to the above specifications, we can also supply Mil Spec (MS) fasteners and Army Navy (AN) fasteners meeting the series below. Additional MS parts are available. Please contact our engineering team for assistance other MS part requirements.

MS Fasteners

MS122083 MS14144 MS14181 MS14182 MS14183 MS14218 MS14491 MS15795 MS16212
MS16219 MS16562 MS16624 MS16625 MS16633 MS16995 MS16996 MS16997 MS16998
MS17825 MS17828 MS17829 MS21207 MS21209 MS21250 MS21296 MS21301 MS21318
MS24621 MS24622 MS24625 MS24626 MS24627 MS24628 MS24629 MS24630 MS24667
MS24668 MS24671 MS24672 MS24693 MS24694 MS25087 MS27039 MS27183 MS27499
MS35190 MS35191 MS35198 MS35199 MS35202 MS35203 MS35206 MS35207 MS35212
MS35214 MS35215 MS35216 MS35221 MS35223 MS35226 MS35229 MS35233 MS35234
MS35239 MS35247 MS35249 MS35250 MS35264 MS35265 MS35266 MS35273 MS35274
MS35275 MS35276 MS35307 MS35308 MS35309 MS35310 MS35311 MS35335 MS35336
MS35337 MS35338 MS35649 MS35650 MS51479 MS51481 MS51490 MS51492 MS51493
MS51494 MS51575 MS51576 MS51830 MS51831 MS51832  MS51849 MS51850 MS51851
MS51861 MS51862 MS51896 MS51937 MS51957 MS51958 MS51959 MS51960 MS51968
MS51972 MS51975 MS63540 MS63541 MS77068 MS9034 MS90726 MS90727 MS90728
MS9176 MS9321 MS9356 MS9360 MS9390 MS9393 MS9432 MS9456 MS9489
MS9490 MS9493 MS9494 MS9556 MS9557 MS9558 MS9633 MS9677 MS9696
MS9697 MS9698 MS9715 MS9716 MS9751 MS9783

AN Fasteners

AN10 AN123 AN1233 AN1234 AN1236 AN23 AN24 AN25 AN3 AN320 AN386
AN3C AN3H AN4 AN43 AN43B AN44 AN4C AN4H AN5 AN500 AN501
AN502 AN503 AN504 AN505 AN507 AN508 AN509 AN510 AN515 AN520 AN525
AN526 AN530 AN531 AN535