Duplex Steel Nuts

TorqBolt stocks highly corrosion resistant Duplex Nuts. Duplex (austenite-ferrite) stainless steel is 40-50% ferrite in annealed conditions. It has crevice cracking resistance even higher than those of 304, 316L 317L also it has yield strengths higher or almost double than those austenite steels. However, this steel cannot be used for temperatures above 600 Degrees Fahrenheit. Some of its applications include pressure vessel tanks, piping, and heat exchangers in chemical Industry, paper industry, and cargo tanks of shipping industries and mainly in biofuel plants.

Type : Nuts can be Manufactured in Full Thread, Half Thread and Double Side Thread Configurations.
Manufacturing Process Adopted are Cold Forged, Hot Forged & Bar Stock Machined. Nuts without Threading, Forged Blanks, Hex cut pieces can be manufactured on request along with CNC machined Process.
General Types: Heavy Hex Nuts, Hex Nuts, Hexagon Nuts, Lock Nuts, Jam Nuts, 12 Point Nuts

Size Range : Metric Size Range from M1.0 upto M150 in accordance with ANSI/ASME B1.13M Edition 2012.
Imperial size Range from #0000 upto #12 and 1/4" upto 6" in accordance with ANSI/ASME B1.1 Edition 2012.

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