Nimonic Springs

TorqBolt carries a wide range of Nimonic Springs. NIMONIC is a nickel chromium cobalt alloy with additions of Aluminium and titanium. This alloy is resistant to oxidation at elevated temperatures with a medium strength. It has excellent stress rupture strength and creep resistance at high temperatures. Nimonic Alloy Springs can be provided in solution annealed and precipitation hardened condition.

£7 - £1900

Nimonic 75 Springs

UNS N06075, DIN 2.4951

SKU: 100101464
£6 - £1432

Nimonic 80a Springs

UNS N07080, DIN 2.4631

SKU: 100101465
£4.1 - £1678

Nimonic 90 Springs

UNS N07090, DIN 2.4632

SKU: 100101466