Monel Washers

TorqBolt is a reputed manufacturer of Monel Washers. Monel is a nickel alloy with 29-33 % copper content also known by the trade name Nickel-Copper Alloys. It has high corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis with high mechanical properties and ductility as compared to Inconel Washers and Incoloy Washers. Being very difficult to machine , Monel Washers can be hardened and available in different variation like Monel 400, Monel 500 etc Monel 500 has additions of aluminum and titanium, which adds toughness to monel 400.Applications: Monel washers are used for aerospace applications, oil refining and production, marine applications, drilling, rigging etc.

Monel Alloys

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Monel 400 Washers

UNS N04400, DIN 2.4360, NICU30, QA 400


ASTM B127 TYPE 4400

ASME SB127 TYPE 4400

Typical Properties

Tensile - 483 (Mpa) Min

Yield - 172 (Mpa) Min

Elongation - 35 Min

Reduction - 0 Min

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£0.08 - £321

Monel k-500 Washers

UNS N05500, DIN 2.4375


ASTM B127 TYPE 5500

ASME SB127 TYPE 5500

SKU: 10010351