Monel Threaded Rod

TorqBolt is a reputed manufacturer of Monel Threaded Rod. Monel is a nickel alloy with 29-33 % copper content also known by the trade name Nickel-Copper Alloys. It has high corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis with high mechanical properties and ductility as compared to Inconel Threaded Rod and Incoloy Threaded Rod. Being very difficult to machine , Monel Threaded Rod can be hardened and available in different variation like Monel 400, Monel 500 etc Monel 500 has additions of aluminum and titanium, which adds toughness to monel 400.Applications: Monel threaded rod are used for aerospace applications, oil refining and production, marine applications, drilling, rigging etc.

Monel Alloys

£0.86 - £1850

Monel 400 Threaded Rod

UNS N04400, DIN 2.4360, NICU30, QA 400


ASTM F468, B564 Alloy 400

ASME SF468 / SB564 Alloy 400

DIN 17743

Typical Properties

Tensile - 483 (Mpa) Min

Yield - 172 (Mpa) Min

Elongation - 35 Min

Reduction - 0 Min

SKU: 10010424
£1.6 - £1890

Monel k-500 Threaded Rod

UNS N05500, DIN 2.4375


ASTM F468, B564, B164 Alloy k-500

ASME SF468 / SB564, B164 Alloy k-500

DIN 17743

SKU: 10010425