Application Substrates Temperature Range (°F) Other Considerations Type Of Molykote
 Pre-assembly Metal to metal  -40 to 2100  General purpose Molykote® 1000 High Temperature Anti-Seize Paste
 Pre-assembly Metal to metal  -15 to 480  White product Molykote® D General Purpose White Paste 
 Pre-assembly Metal to metal  -22 to 572 White/food grade Molykote® P-1900 Food Grade Assembly Paste 
 Pre-assembly Aluminum or stainless steel  -20 to 2550 Noncorroding/extreme temperature/sulfur and metal-free Molykote® P 37 Ultrapure  High Temperature Paste
 Disassembly Lubricant Metal to metal   -20 to 120 Loosen rusted parts   Molykote® L-0501 High Performance Penetrating Lubricants
 Storage Protection Metal   components    -40 to 150 Corrosion protection/dry film  Molykote® Metal Protective Coating